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photo of the west gate of Lincoln's Inn by Christine Matthews
Jane Samsworth

Lincoln’s Inn

Introduction Welcome to this brief summary of some of the history, human and architectural, of Lincoln’s Inn.  Let’s start with the basics.  Where, what and

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Photo of the Crick building by Daniel Hausherr
David Brown

Medical Camden

Medicine and Camden This post lists the blogs that have been created on the Camden Guides blog site under the Medicine and Camden theme, divided

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Picture of Cleveland Street Workhouse under development by Richard Cohen
Richard Cohen

The Cleveland Street Workhouse

On the south-western edge of the borough of Camden on the border between Fitzrovia and Marylebone stands a historic building which served the poor and

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Photo of Italian Hospital, Queen Square by Robin Sones
Freda Dahl-Nielsen

Unusual Hospitals of Camden

If you have been reading Camden Guides blogs in recent weeks you will have seen the rich history it has with medicine.  Today it is

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