Explore the eccentric and eclectic Borough of Camden by joining a walking tour. Below you will find a list of our current tours available. Some you can book in advance, others you can just turn up on the day. Variety is the spice of life — Camden offers this to no end!

“Camden Saturday” – Are you looking for something to do on a Saturday morning? Join us for a variety of scheduled walks – from well-known topics to the quirky and unusual. There is something for everyone. 




London Postmen – leaving King Edward Building on delivery. A group of postmen, carrying bags over their shoulders, leave King Edward Building to begin their deliveries.

Join an accredited guide for walking tours through 350 years of London Postal History. Tours take place in the City of London, Islington and Camden and trace the major developments in Post Office history – from transport innovations like the Mail Coach, the Railway, and the Mail Rail service; to key reformers such as John Palmer, Sir Rowland Hill, and Anthony Trollope. Discover why pillar boxes are coloured red, why the post is called the ‘post’ and the mail is called the ‘mail’, and why the floors of all telephone boxes slope.

All walking tours are led by trained and accredited guides for Camden, Clerkenwell and Islington, and the City of London.

There are three tours, each running once a month / 11.00am – 13.00pm £10.00 per person, £8.00 for concessions (60+), £6.00 for The Postal Museum Members, Free for accompanied children under age 12. No need to book — simply arrive at the meeting point a few minutes before 11am and pay your guide.

Tour 1: From Pillar to Post –  26 October, 24 November

An extraordinary look at the history of the mail, in conjunction with the busy financial history of the City of London.

MEETING POINT: On the steps of the Royal Exchange at Bank Junction – near to Bank Underground Station

Tour 2: From Mail to Rail — 9 November

This walk looks at the major changes in the Post Office history – from transport innovations like the Mail Coach, the Railway, and the Mail Rail service; and key reformers such as John Palmer, Sir Rowland Hill, and Anthony Trollope.

MEETING POINT: Next to the Robert Stephenson statue in front of Euston Station

Tour 3: From Tudors to Telegraphy —  14 December

Take a walk through 350 years of London postal history. Meet key reformers, discover why pillar  boxes are red, why the post is called the post and the mail is called the mail… and why Charles Dickens had his own post box. 

MEETING POINT: By Exit 1 of Chancery Lane Underground Station, on the North side of High Holborn


IMG_0494Explore the Regency and discover the best seller of 1815!

Emma was Jane Austen’s last book published during her lifetime, in December 1815. Some say it was her best. This walk is a celebration of that book.

We discuss real-life events that happened during the time that Jane Austen wrote the book, and how people lived during the time known as Regency England. Join your Regency-dressed tour guide as we “take the air in Brunswick Square”, a favourable past-time for ladies of the day.

Discover for the first time, or recall with delight, the story of Emma and the characters that make up this fantastic novel.

Is Emma loveable?

Is Frank Churchill a gentleman?

Can we be friends with Jane Fairfax?

Learn about why it’s called the Regency, who was the Prince Regent, and how did he shape and influence London and the country. Enjoy gossip of the day, as we discuss the details of Princess Caroline’s personal hygiene. Take instruction from a Lady of Distinction in order to make sure your etiquette is on par with other ladies of your stature.

An enjoyable tour that combines literature, London and life!



  • Friday 18 October 12:30
  • Friday 25 October 12:30
  • Thursday 14 November 13:00
  • Thursday 5 December 13:00


  • Thursday 16 January 13:00
  • Thursday 6 February 13:00
  • Thursday 27 February 13:00
  • Thursday 12 March 13:00

Guided by: Amber the American Tour Guide


Oonagh Gay Dodging the BlitzGraham Greene’s End of the Affair and the Ministry of Fear are directly taken from his wartime experiences and love affairs in Bloomsbury as an air raid warden. Elizabeth Bowen and Muriel Spark are other writers who transposed war time events into their literary output. Pat Barker and Sarah Waters have used the period and location brilliantly in recent novels. This walk highlights important events which formed the basis of these novels, and looks at some of the main landmarks of the Blitz in Bloomsbury

Wednesday 16 October: 15:00pm Guided by Oonagh Gay



St Pancras in Literature and Film and DramaCome with Alan to take a look at the lives of important figures from the worlds of literature, film, and theatre who have lived and worked in St. Pancras and Somers Town. Three of the many highlights are the former home of award-winning film director Mike Leigh, the gravestone of the forerunner of modern feminist writing, Mary Wollstonecraft, and the site of a radical theatre where the famous American singer/actor, Paul Robeson, once performed. The walk finishes close to a famous railway platform where you can board the Hogwarts Express.

Sunday 20 October: 15:00 pm Guided by Alan Fortune


Fitzrovia ChapelStarting at Goodge Street Underground Station, we explore the lives of actors, musicians, artists and literary figures who made their home in the pubs and cafes of Fitzrovia.  Come and meet the people like George Orwell, Dylan Thomas and Augustus John who shaped the Bohemian nature of this fascinating area.  Finally, we end our walk with a short tour inside the beautiful Fitzrovia Chapel, once part of the famous Middlesex Hospital, which continues to support artists and musicians by hosting exhibitions and concerts.

Sunday 20 October: 15:00 pm Guided by Alan Fortune


https---cdn.evbuc.com-images-69883083-301006079788-1-original.20190826-124705Hidden Historic Holborn featuring: Prudential Insurance building, Hatton Gardens- and Saffron Hill – reputed haunt of Dickens Oliver Twist
You probably know that Hatton Gardens is famous for diamonds- both trading and robberies- but did you also know that Queen Elizabeth 1 danced with Sir Christopher Hatton under a Cherry Tree, whose trunk still forms part of the Mitre pub? Or that Elizabeth Sir Christopher Hatton’s wife is reputed to have had her heart ripped out giving rise to ‘Bleeding Heart yard’ ? Or that St Ethedreda church has been here since 1290 sited in Ely Place which has its very own jurasdiction evolved from the days of the Bishops of Ely. Neither did I until I researched this facinating corner of Camden!
Join us on this 2 hour walk, which starts and finishes at Chancery Lane tube station exit 2, to hear more stories.

Saturday 26 October: 11:00am Guided by Sylvia McNamara


Musical Hampstead Nov bannerHampstead in the twentieth century is well-known as a centre of intellectual life. Music-makers, both composers and performers, also made it their home, and we’ll visit some of them in this walk. Mostly classical, but with lighter interludes for Gracie Fields and a fascinatingly crazy house once lived in by Boy George.

Saturday 2 November: 10:30am Guided by Fabian Watkinson and Adrian Hindle-Briscall


https---cdn.evbuc.com-images-69869115-301006079788-1-original.20190826-083207WW1 Women worked as doctors, surgeons and nurses; in munitions, heavy and precision engineering factories; and all in long skirts!The women in WW1 were amazing! They had been barred to enter many trades and professions and were mainly working in the home and as an army of domestic servants,especially in London. But they rose to the challenge in WW1.
This walk starts in the courtyard of the Postal Museum and ends opposite Euston square. It takes in the stories of women in postal work- replacing 35,000 male workers 2,500 in the Regents Park London depot alone! Women munitions factory workers, tram drivers, train workers, doctors and surgeons as well as women left pregnant and destitute by soldiers.

It is stirring inspiring stuff! So come and be inspired!

Saturday 2 November: 11:00am Guided by Sylvia McNamara



IMG_0493Enjoy a lunchtime walk around this eclectic area, rich with history and forgotten heroes of their time.

Take time out of your busy day to stop and explore this wonderful area of London. Fitzrovia has been home to creative bohemians, courageous pioneers, and crowd-pleasing influencers. Discover their forgotten stories as we stroll and retrace their footsteps. Match a famous quote to the famous person, and gain an insight to their world.




  • Monday 4 November 13:00
  • Friday 15 November 13:00
  • Wednesday 4 December 13:00


  • Thursday 23 January 13:00
  • Thursday 13 February 13:00

Guided by: Amber the American Tour Guide


Fitzroy-Tavern-31-1024x768This walk explores the actors, musicians, artists and literary figures that made their home in the pubs and cafes of Fitzrovia. Come and meet the people like the outrageous Nina Hamnett, known as the Queen of Bohemia, Dylan Thomas, and Augustus John who shaped the Bohemian nature of the area. On our walk will pass the beautiful Fitzrovia Chapel, get hunger pangs in Charlotte Street and see the workhouse that inspired Charles Dickens. We will learn about the “unpickable lock challenge” that took over 16 days to solve and continue on by strolling around Fitzroy Square, where we will see the house where both Virginia Wolf and George Bernard Shaw lived but not at the same time! Finally, we will learn the story of the Cleveland Street Scandal and finish our walk at Warren Street, after seeing one of the best murals in London.

Meeting point: Goodge Street station

No need to book just turn up and pay a fee

Wednesday 6 November at 11:00am

Guided by Elaine Wein


IMG_0495-2Come on a walk with us and hear about the women who helped shape British medicine

Spanning 150 years, learn about the pioneers who became England’s first female doctor, surgeon, neuro-surgeon and medical school dean.

Our 1.5 hour walk starts on the steps of St Pancras New church (by statues with ‘tummy tucks’!) and explores Fitzrovia, an area with stunning Victorian and modern buildings dedicated to medical practice. We’ll also take in Fitzroy square – before ending at Goodge Street Station.

Along the way we’ll share the stories of women who with fortitude, determination and compassion overcame countless hurdles to become ground-breaking medical professionals.

What better way to spend a lunch hour!!



  • Friday 20 December 13:00


  • Friday 17 January 13:00
  • Friday 21 February 13:00
  • Friday 20 March 1:00

Guided by Sylvia McNamara

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