Category: Somers Town

Brian Turner

The New Road

A momentous new road In the 1750s a group of worthies in Georgian London were concerned about traffic congestion in the metropolis, and pressed for

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Somers Town
Paul Guest

Euston Station

Tried, Tested, Trailblazing Euston Station’s history is intriguing. It has been involved in controversies over issues ranging from its original location to its role as

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Kings Cross
Chris Wilkins-Molloy

St Pancras Old Church Gardens

 Camden Tour Guide Christine Wilkins-Molloy talks to Bonny Astor about the history of St Pancras Old Church Gardens – a secret garden of tranquillity in

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Sylvia McNamara

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Camden Tour Guide Sylvia McNamara talks to Bonny Astor about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, one of the most impressive doctors in Camden’s history and a woman

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Somers Town
Lester Hillman

The Hardy Tree

In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church is the mysterious Hardy Tree. A proud ash tree with over a hundred gravestones studded into its

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