The Hardy Tree By Jean

The Hardy Tree

In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church is the mysterious Hardy Tree. A proud ash tree with over a hundred gravestones studded into its roots.

The story goes that the poet Thomas Hardy was its creator, while he was a young architects assistant helping the Midland Railway company. But that’s only a story. No one can say what the true origin or import of this tree is, could it be a truly mystic tree?

The story of the Hardy Tree in the churchyard of St Pancras old Church with contributions from Lester Hillman, Father James Elston, Rachel Floyd, Helen Lange, Simon Causer and Aidan Dun) (produced by Lester Hillman and Freddy Chick) – 10’ 6” (©Lester Hillman, Freddy Chick, CCRadio)

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