St Pancras Dent Clock By Jean

Making a Dent –The St Pancras Station Clock

Hanging high under a famous roof, the huge white dial and gold hands of the St Pancras station clock does its job telling travellers the time. But did you know it has also travelled and has its own surprising story to tell?

Jean Jacyna of the Camden Tour Guides Association pieces together the story with help from Josie Murray, Senior Heritage Advisor at HS1, Ian and Pam Thompson from Nottingham and the former curator of the British Horological Institute Museum, Viscount Alan Middleton (produced by Freddy Chick) – 12’ 53”  (© Jean Jacyna, Freddy Chick, CCRadio).

To listen to this podcast please visit Camden Community Radio.


The BHI museum is open every Friday from 26 May to 8 September 11am-3pm (£3 entry).



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