Hello, and welcome to Historic London Tours! I’m Tom Currie, both a qualified London Borough of Islington and London Borough of Camden tour guide, having successfully passed each association’s training course. I’m an experienced guide, having led many groups of both tourists and locals on London tours.

After many years in an office job, I left in order to pursue my love of history. Many of my friends had suggested to me over time that I take up guiding as it was clearly my passion; whenever I visit a new area I love to soak up the local history (to the point where one friend of twenty years told me “Tom, will you stop making me learn!”)

London has such a rich and vibrant history, but much of it has been hidden away from plain view. As your guide, I’ll uncover those forgotten stories for you; by the end of the tour, you’ll be guaranteed to say “I never knew that!”

My London walking tours and online tours cost from just £10 per person, and take up to two hours. Please visit my website for further details!

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