Richard is a true Londoner and has lived and worked in London throughout his life. Richard is a fully qualified guide for Clerkenwell and Islington, the City of Westminster and Camden. He is a lifelong lover of history and worked as a teacher in London for many years. He is passionate about the social and political history of London and the story of the lives of Londoners over the centuries. He wants to share his passion for London with you.Richard aims to run walks which are fun and informative and which present an intimate view of London’s history and heritage.

There are great stories at every corner of this great city which connect us with our past. If you are someone who has lived here for many years Richard can tell you about aspects of the city which lie beneath the surface. He is happiest when people say “I’ve lived in London all my life and I never knew that” or “I pass this way every day and I have never noticed that.”

If you are a visitor to London Richard can take you to some of the most famous places in London as well as corners of the city which are off the main tourist trail but which can reveal the true character of our diverse metropolis.

Richard’s engaging and thoroughly researched walks are a great way to learn about the many stories of London in a relaxed and informal way. He can tell you how London grew from the fields beneath our streets to the huge and cosmopolitan urban society we live in today.

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