Graham Hood

About the guide:

4e92a3d7-0f69-412c-a37a-a6f7b284dd76A passion I possess is an abiding love of storytelling, which I weave into my walks, along with obscure and bizzare facts and connections that reveal London in its full glory.

I trained in Law, and also as a windsurfing instructor. Meaning that I have a relaxed and fluent approach to engaging with audiences. And a commanding vocal range !

I seek to create tours that are quirky and fun. And often explore the lesser-known facets of an area, bringing history alive. I really enjoy meeting people, and spend much time preparing for walks, by chatting with local residents and traders and hearing their stories.

Having lived in London for over 30-years, I am still discovering new areas and gems. These are what I seek to share with my clients. I have a growing range of prepared walks and can also prepare bespoke itineraries on request.

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or by ‘phone on 07808 923341