The Haunted History of Holborn and Bloomsbury – a twilight walk

Join Jeffrey and Elena on a twilight walk on The Dark Side of the Bloom... If there is any truth in the theory that certain places can be charged with the energy, personalities, and violent emotions of those who have lived and died there, then Bloomsbury and Holborn have an abundance of locations where the […]

Holborn: Unveiling Its Historic Heart

As you wander through its charming streets, don't expect to find London's renowned entertainment scene. Instead, you'll encounter captivating glimpses of history, including a stunning medieval structure and the intriguing stories of Italian, Irish, and Jewish immigrants, along with their precious diamonds. On this tour, you'll delve into the origins of law schools in England […]

Garden of eternal rest: twilight walk of St. Pancras Old Church graveyard

In the Christian calendar, the second of November is All Souls Day, or the Day of the Dead in many cultures. According to tradition, on this day the heavens open, and departed souls briefly return to earth. It's the perfect day for a walk celebrating the lives of the many illustrious people who were buried […]

Slums and Squares and Rock n’Roll

You will probably know lots of bits of the St Giles' area: Tottenham Court Rd tube, Centrepoint, Shaftesbury Ave, Seven Dials...but you probably don't know how the area came to be as it is. A fascinating story of ancient roadways meeting, a medieval leper colony, a failed posh residential district, a notorious Victorian slum and […]

Diverse London – Bloomsbury Women in the 1920s

Discover visionary cultural and political thinkers of the 1920s in East Bloomsbury, such as Winifred Holtby, Dorothy L Sayers and the economist Eileen Power. We associate Bloomsbury women with Virginia Woolf, but there were many other influencers who came here, attracted by low rents, and cultural connectivity. Women in particular could live here independently, and […]

The Secret London Village of Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is now one of London’s most desirable areas and home to Paddington Bear, but it was born with the noisy gritty railway. The neighbourhood shows industrial solutions by brilliant Victorian engineers and the hard labour of rough tough navvies who built them. Those workers were the first to live here, and a few […]

Highgate Women: A walking tour

Join me for an exciting walking tour through Highgate Village, dedicated to celebrating the remarkable women who have left their mark on this historic neighbourhood. On Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 2:00 pm, we will gather at Pond Square, London, N6 6BS to explore how Highgate shaped its women as well as how it's women […]

London’s Sex Industry and the Stage in the Long 18th Century

When the Puritan Protectorate ended in 1660, London's sex industry grew wildly public and was linked to both theatres and the underworld. Charles II lifted the ban on theatre-going, and by 1700 London was sex-capital of Europe. This walk starts with the stage at a time when all actresses were assumed to be prostitutes and […]

Christmas in Hampstead Village

Join Elena Paolini for a historic but fun Christmas walk in charming Hampstead Village. Did you know that the first Christmas card was designed by a Hampstead resident almost 200 years ago? And that the Victorian cookery writer who gave us the first recipe for a "Christmas pudding" is buried in Hampstead? You will hear […]

Edwardian Emporiums and Forgotten Factories: a history walk in Bloomsbury

Step back in time and stroll through the enchanting streets of Bloomsbury with our accredited guides Elena and Ellika. We will bring to life the forgotten stories of a bygone era as we explore the eclectic array of shops and factories that once populated this historic district. From quaint corner stores to opulent emporiums, discover […]